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When In The Philippines: Photography & Travel Writing from The Philippines

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This is an excerpt (the Philippines) from the full travel e book ‘When In The World’, which is the full e book featuring travel writing and photography from all around the World. If you like ‘When In The Philippines’, please consider taking a look at ‘When In The World – World Photography & Travel Writing’, which is available on Amazon at: (available in all Amazon territories worldwide)

The ‘When In’ series is an alternative, mildly eye-brow raising and occasionally sarcastic retelling of nearly four years of adventures and not-so adventurous experiences from all over the World.

The series is also heavily focused around photography, through which the books attempt to display some of the abject beauty that is found in every corner of the globe, whether well-known, little-known or unknown. Scenic landscapes, golden beaches and sunsets over the water tend to unite us in awe. There are plenty of those in these books, but there is a desire also, to find intrigue in the less obvious places too. Beauty is in the eye of the person (be)holding the camera, after all.

As the first ever Amazon review of an older edition rather too enthusiastically pointed out, this is not a travel guide. (Although it will no doubt provide some inspiration and tips for places to travel to and things to see and do.) What these books do, however, is provide a unique perspective on each country, re-tell and remark upon some interesting encounters and occurrences, and describe and convey physical and historical details about many landmarks and features from around the World.

This is by no means a fuddy-duddy, fact-a-sentence series but what was noticeable, when researching, was just how many websites have almost identical travel information to one another. It quickly dawned that so many travel articles online seem to be content simply copying and pasting from each other, often using the same facts and the same phrases, sometimes word for word. So this book series was keen to delve a little deeper; for example, using maps to provide exact distances, corroborating information with science or religious journals and at one point, even finding an original construction record, which helped to debunk some of the hearsay that was being purported on numerous online travel websites.

Researching and finding information was painstaking but an essential and rewarding part of the process. Remembering the locations and places and being able to add some weight through the history that was discovered, was a privilege.

This careful and fastidious ground-work hopes to unpack some more compelling tidbits about the various places featured and not just the cosmetic numbers that you might read online.

There is also an indefatigable attempt to avoid anything even resembling a travel diary. If the following phrases or anything even close are used in this series, ‘I woke up at 7am and had breakfast’, or, ‘my Uber was late but was only $3!’, or worse still, ‘it was a sunny and hot day’, then please, immediately ask for a refund and for the book to be rewritten from scratch.

As mentioned previously, these books are illustrated throughout by personal photography which accompany many of the places which are featured. These are highly edited photographs so are not your bog-standard holiday snaps. The original idea for creating the series was actually to have something that would display the world photography in one convenient, accessible and intuitive format. The photographs may display differently on various devices, but for those devices that are able to, they are shown in colour.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy this e-book and the rest of the ‘When In’ travel series.

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