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Dowswin 29 Pieces Pen Charcoal Sketch Set Sketching Pencil Set of Pencils Eraser Craft Knife Pencil Extender Roll up Canvas Carry Pouch Pro Art Supply for Beginners Artist

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Product Description

Maries is a famous brand in the area of paintings in china ,which are professional specialized in pencil series products,including:sketch pencil,charcoal pencil..and so on.Premium lead and lightweight timber material forming excellent pencils.Maries pencil not only for the majority of professional artists to use,but also for the needs of students,who just studing drawing,provide demand for classical,modern,and other schools of art lovers. Sketch pencils :Comes with 18 piece of sketch pencil.Each of pencils are included:from B,2B,3B,4B,5B,6B,7B,8B,HB to 2H.Contains all the Sketching Supplies you need.Apply for writing,drawing,and sketching.Made of premium timbers.Lightweight and easy to sharp,and not easy to break.With fluent line when drawing,erase easily.

For beginners

Easy to hold


Great gift for art lover:

Inspiration always inadvertently emerge for artists.
The pencils becomes the best tools to describe emtions.
Choose the pencil you like,describe anything you want.You will become a excellent artist!

Charcoal pencils from hard to soft

From hard lead to soft lead.From begining to finished.charcoal pencil let you get more expressive and work larger without getting stuck in details.Charcoal pencil use for sketching and drawing to achieve a wide range of tonal values, or blend with other sketch pencils. Charcoal sticks especially can force you to focus on large shapes and general contours because of their blunt ends.

How to use charcoal pencils to drawing?

The first step:
conception , composition:Before painting, develop the habit of observing the characteristics of the subject and brewing their own emotions;
The second step:
Scratch the outline:The contour is the wall base. To grasp it accurately, we must grasp the basic shape of the object, the position of the boundary between light and dark, and the relationship between the object and the object;
The third step:
In-depth characterization:To determine where is the deepest and most intense, start from these places,grasp the characteristics from the object to drawing until you finished.

Craft knife

Precision-crafted of the highest quality carbon steel with hard, sharp points and finely honed cutting edges.This is a good reliable sharpener that can interchangeable blades.A part of black tools like button,can fix the sharpener perfectly,and feel free to adjust the distance of the blades.

Paper stump

A blending stump or paper stump is a stick of tightly rolled up felt paper with 2 pointed ends.Beforetime we alway use our hands or paper to filled the shadows when drawing,but now the paper stump can be used to add soft subtle shading that can bring life like realism and dimension to your drawing.

kneaded eraser

Two sets of eraser,when you feel so hard to clean when use the charcoal pencil drawing and sketching ,the black eraser help you to erase it complitely. Block style of the eraser is perfect for getting into little corners or erasing large areas quickly.It will give u a new chance to re-creat.

Pencil canvas

This case is great for any artist in your life and fits perfectly in a book bag or even a purse.The roll up design keeps your pencils tight safety, organize all tools in the same case,and easy to carry.With the sample design roll up case,in a fun way to carry the sketch pencils sets.

[DURABLE CANVAS ROLL]:All of 18 pieces pencil packed in a pencil bag,simple and fashion pattern design are emphysis the pencils natural beauty,the pencil bag made from lightweight and durable canvas fabric protect the pencilvery well,soft and easy to carry, convenient to use.Roll-up design have individual slots for each pencil,well protect your pencil from damage,and save enough space, easily fitted into your backpack, suitcase or luggage.
[SUIT FOR EVERYONE]:Pencil is a great tools to express your emotion.unique art supplies to drawing and sketching,you can feel free to use the pencils to describe anything you want.From sketching biginning to highlighting,erasing to sharpening,everying you need is all here,no need to deal with a mess when you’re being creative.Various of pencils will enhance the layers of the painting,increasing the realistics of the painting,fit for students,childs and adults,expecially great for professional.
[EXPRESS ANYTHING YOU WANT]:Like many new beginning artists,to be a real artist is a dream,but i wanna say if you want ,you can use the pencil to creat anything you want.So the pencil choice seems particularly important,Choose the great pencils which perfect fit for you is significant,maybe you are focus choose between quality and quantity. Dowswin pencil sets is included anything you want,the pencil is made of you can feel free to truly express yourself and turn your dream into reality.
[WELL-MADE PENCILS]:Contains all the tools you need when use the pencil sets to drawing and sketching.18 pieces of sketch pencils is included:B,HB,2B,3B,4B,5B,6B,7B,8B,2H;Three of charcoal pencils are designed to smoothly sharpen tips without breaking;Three of paper pencils can help you to fill the shadow of the painting,expecially for the chrocoal painting;One piece of color pencil can marked the highlight before you finished the painting,it will be different than before.
[PACKAGE INCLUDED]:18 piece of sketch pencils+Three of chrocoal pencils+Premium colorful sharpened Pencils that are produced with carefully selected high-quality pigments+ Two of eraser,when you feel so hard to clean when use the charcoal pencil to drawing and sketching ,the black eraser help you to erase it complitely+ Durable Break-resistant knife.+ Stylish, lightweight canvas roll.+ metal double-end pencil extender,when your pencil is short,set in the pencil extension,can increase the length.

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